Australia's first collaborative, university-led PhD placement program

iPREP WA is a unique collaboration between the five WA universities and has been established for PhD candidates who may not have had previous industry experience.

The program involves interdisciplinary teams, working on a six week project (with scholarship) for an industry partner during their thesis examination period.


Industry partners range from start-up's and SME's through to large corporations and government departments and their projects focus on solving authentic workplace problems.

Mutual benefits for industry and students

iPREP WA is helping to educate both PhD graduates and industries on the value of research engagement, by providing a platform for organisations to engage in low risk research activities that will hopefully encourage additional collaboration with universities and employ more PhD graduates.


iPREP WA is helping PhD graduates to recognise that skills they developed in the PhD, such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills, are applicable across a range of disciplines, providing them with the confidence and experience to apply for jobs outside of academia.

iPREP WA joins forces with Perth Biodesign and Innovation Central Perth

iPREP Biodesign is a newly established program facilitated by Perth Biodesign in collaboration with iPREP WA. The 7 week program sees PhD students developing innovative solutions and improving processes for the healthcare sector.  Participants are trained and mentored using the Biodesign Methodology developed by Stanford University.

Innovation Central Perth (ICP) has also joined forces with iPREP WA to offer PhD students at all Western Australian universities the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to novel challenges faced by ICP’s client organisations within industry and government.

The seven-week placement will connect late-stage PhD students to organisations with a problem in need of solving, or a manual process that if automated or digitalised will transform day-to-day operations.

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