The iPREP Biodesign program is a newly established initiative which joins the forces of both iPREP WA and Perth Biodesign. It provides an industry engagement opportunity in addition to specialised training on Stanford Biodesign methodology.


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Established in 2014, iPREP WA is Australia’s first collaborative, university-led PhD placement program. The program has supported 72 companies (with 13 repeating companies), completed 97 projects and placed 290 students into industry placements. 


The program involves multidisciplinary teams, working on a seven-week project for an industry partner during their thesis examination period. Industry partners range from start-up's through to large corporations and government departments. iPREP WA provides a platform for organizations to engage in low-risk research activities and helps PhD graduates to recognize that skills they develop in the PhD, such as problem-solving and analytical skills, are applicable across a range of disciplines, providing them with the confidence and experience to apply for jobs outside of academia.

Perth Biodesign

Perth Biodesign provides educational training in healthcare innovation using the Stanford Biodesign methodology. This methodology focuses on a prescriptive method of identifying unmet clinical needs, inventing solutions and creating implementation strategies that fit within the context of the complex healthcare landscape. Perth Biodesign runs a variety of different courses which involve multidisciplinary teams creating innovative solutions and building connections between industry, academia and health services. Over the 4 years, the courses have trained 123 aspiring biomedical entrepreneurs and created 26 biomedical technology opportunities with the support of over 90 mentors.