ROUND 3 2020

28th Sept - 13th Nov

These are the current projects on offer for the upcoming iPREP WA Round running from the 28th September to the 13th of November 2020.

Student application closing date is 17th August 2020. Successful students will be notified to attend a first stage one-day induction on 4th September 2020. At the end of the induction day, each student ​will give a one-minute to pitch to industry mentors. Following the session there will be an opportunity to network with the industry partners.  


Industry Partners will choose a team based on the students application, one-minute pitch and who they think will fit into their organisation and team dynamics. 

Students will be notified on the outcome of their application to attend the second-stage induction by the 16th September 2020. For more information, please contact Narelle Jones (iPREP WA Coordinator) at or 6304 2069.


Unearthed is the largest community of startups, developers, and data scientists making the energy and resources industry more efficient and sustainable.

We have helped 20 of the industry’s largest companies to solve some of their most pressing engineering and data science challenges. We have reduced the use of water in tailings dams, the energy used in milling, and the number of holes drilled in exploration.

We have given away more than $1.5 million in prizes, connected hundreds of startups to customers, and created many technology jobs of the future.
Now we need your help to increase our impact and drive further sustainability in industry.

This company requests a combination of virtual and face-to-face engagement



Project 1

  • Computer science

  • Software engineering

  • Information technology

  • Data science

  • Machine learning

  • Data engineering

  • DevOps, MLOps

Project 2

  • Environmental science

  • Statistics

  • Software engineering

  • Computer science

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Cass Materials

Cass Materials Pty Ltd has a mission to produce an edible and biodegradable scaffold for the global cultivated meat industry. The company incorporating in March 2020 with one full-time Managing Director, Gary Cass and a Non-Executive Director, Neil Costley acting as a corporate advisor.


Cultivated Meat is an emerging and rapidly growing industry with companies mainly located in the US, Europe and Israel. Australia has recently entering the cultivated meat industry with VOW Foods in NSW, but to date no one in WA is engaging with this technology. Cass Materials is currently working with several cultivated meat companies, testing their new BNC cell culture scaffolds in a variety of growing conditions.

Read article:

​This company requests face-to-face, on site engagement


  • Science

  • Biotechnology

  • Biochemistry

  • Mammalian cell culture experience including muscle cells and the isolation and maintenance of primary cells

  • Microscopy knowledge

  • Communication skills - verbal and written

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Cinglevue International

Cinglevue International is a medium-sized systems integrator providing specialist services and innovative solutions to businesses within the Early Years Learning to Higher Education space. We are a private, self-funded organisation with well-established products in the marketplace and have offices in Australia, the United States of America, and Sri Lanka.


Cinglevue invests heavily in research and development to ensure that our education solutions are able to meet the ever evolving needs of 21st century educational institutions. We have established research and development programs both internally and in collaboration with leading Australian universities to continually enhance the capabilities of our products in light of on-going advances in research, technological innovation, and updated approaches to educational practice. Cinglevue understands the need for innovation underpinned by robust inquiry in order to develop cutting-edge software solutions that provide students with greater opportunity for fulfilling and meaningful education.


To this end, CingleVue actively seeks collaborative research opportunities in order to facilitate the transformation of transferred knowledge into technology that drives future features and products, meets increasing global competitiveness, and builds credibility, rigour, and authenticity based on mutual interest. Our primary research focus for the Virtuoso platform is on the enhancement of teaching and learning outcomes, contextualised in terms of:


  • Understanding and accommodating individual learning needs and differences (academic, cognitive, affective, behavioural, social, emotional, and psychological);

  • Engaging with emerging technologies to provide new opportunities for meaningful learning and assessment (e.g. virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies-HAVEN, face, gesture, behaviour, and emotion recognition, electrodermal activity, eye-tracking), including bringing together teachers and technology and supporting self-directed learning at scale;

  • Developing configurable approaches for automating and streamlining business processes to enable educational organisations to focus more time on developing pedagogy and engaging with students;

  • Facilitating large-scale analysis of data to drive predictions, recommendations, and classifications to inform ongoing improvements in teaching and learning practice as well as data-driven decision making (probabilistic and statistical modelling and applications, machine learning, learning analytics, and data visualisation). This includes collating large quantities of data, and real-time and event-driven data applications, and;

  • Providing students and educators with opportunities to leverage insights based on the ongoing exchange of information, resources, strategies, experiences, and best practices as part of a wider community-driven educational ecosystem, including frameworks and processes for accommodating teacher professional development in an integrated and ongoing manner.


To find out more, visit us at

This company requests face-to-face, on site engagement


​Project 1

  • Education, teaching, learning, and pedagogy

  • Educational technologies

  • Change management and innovative practices

Project 2

  • Psychology

  • Advanced knowledge in Psychometrics

This role will require close collaboration with educational experts in the R&D team and therefore a background in education is not necessary

Project 3

  • Education

  • Social sciences

  • Anthropology

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Singular Health 

Singular Health is developing and commercializing tools to improve health outcomes, medical planning processes and quality of life through medical imaging visualisation and analysis.  In contrast to traditional medical image viewing formats (e.g. CT (Computerized Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans) that are usually visualised on a 2D screen, our proprietary software presents bioimages in fully interactive immersive models within our virtual reality platform. 


The company is customizing tools for surgical planning in clinical practice (MedVR), education opportunities (Virtual Anatomy) and for other general applications (3Dicom Viewer). 

This company requests face-to-face, on site engagement

Students recruited by this company will receive extra training by Perth Biodesign


​Project 1

  • Computer science

  • Engineering (biomedical, biomechanical, mechanical)

  • Biomedical science (preferably, but optional, with skills in anatomy)

Project 2

  • Education

  • Computer science

  • Biomedical science (preferably, but optional, with skills in anatomy)

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CORE Innovation Hub

CORE Innovation Hub is a collaboration and innovation hub focused on the resources and energy sector. We have hubs in the Perth CBD and Adelaide where we provide co-working/co-location services  to startups and industry as well as deliver growth building programs and skills pathways. We are a values-driven startup business (launched in 2016) with a small, agile team. We have partnerships with industry including Rio Tinto, BHP, Austmine, Minerals Council Australia and universities UWA, Curtin as well as CSIRO, which contribute and inform program content, activities and services. We value our connections and diverse community and a culture of entrepreneurship and accountability. Our industry upskilling pathways and skills marketplace development is our priority for 2020/21 and we are excited about contributing thought leadership in this space with a new digital skills assessment model for the sector.

This company requests a combination of virtual and face-to-face engagement


  • Data Science

  • Business

  • Organisational psychology desirable but not essential

  • Excellent analytical and writing skills

  • An interest in the resources and energy sector 

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Adarsh Australia

Adarsh Australia is creating a new brand, attracting a new market segment. Our goal is to deliver great product ideas to market.

IdeatoLife provides low cost product design, product development, prototyping and manufacturing services. We help define and sharpen an invention, offering assistance with product ideas, development or refinement of existing products that need improving.  We’re focused on creating custom solutions that develop an idea into a viable product.

The team of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturing experts work together to realise the potential of an idea. From concept and product design through to prototyping, production, branding, and logistics, the team are there every step of the journey, finding innovative solutions to the obstacles and challenges that lie ahead.

They are passionate about helping bring an invention to life. They leverage unique strengths to choose the right approach for the client, whether that be conventional or revolutionary, and build a project plan that delivers results.

Website -

This company requests face-to-face, on site engagement


  • Marketing/communications

  • Business

  • Journalism

  • Media Studies

  • Public Relations

  • Industrial Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Product Design

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Writing skills

  • Project Management

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Monitoring babies and mothers currently requires guesswork due to deficiencies in monitoring technology, leading to world of stress, medical guesswork, litigation and poorer outcomes.


VitalTrace is developing a new technology for keeping mother and babies safe during labour and delivery. It provides continuous, accurate data about the baby’s status during labour, which allows Obstetricians to make informed decisions about management, intervene only when necessary and allows mothers to birth in the most natural way possible.


Our aim is to save babies lives and prevent unnecessary intervention in labour and delivery around the world.

This company requests a combination of virtual and face-to-face engagement


  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electronic engineering

  • Chemistry

  • Biochemistry

  • Electrochemistry (highly desirable)

  • Software engineering and coding skills in MATLAB or Python

  • Data analytic skills 

  • Communication, interpersonal and organisation skills 

  • Research skills to create a basic business plan (ability to analyse disease burden, market size and segmentation, basic health economics)

  • Skills in compiling scientific literature

  • Human trials experience (ie HREC experience)

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Students recruited by this company will receive extra training by Perth Biodesign

South West Sustainability Waste Alliance (SWA)

The South West Sustainability Waste Alliance (SWA) has a goal of increasing waste diversion by 20% across the South West of Western Australia and the creation of at least 50 long term local jobs in the waste sector. The Alliance is made up of representatives from Main Roads WA, Bunbury Harvey Regional Council, the South West Regional Waste Group (SWRWG, comprising a dozen local governments), South West Development Commission, Regional Development Australia-South West, and the Noongar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has been formed to develop a value proposition for establishing an advanced Regional Waste Recovery Precinct in the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area.


The SWA innovation Hub is working to provide technical excellence, advice and focus on using recycled materials in roads and related infrastructure. It will provide the technical basis for the development of contemporary standards and specifications as guidance to drive rapid innovation and to provide information to increase confidence in the use of recycled materials in transport infrastructure in South West and ultimately more widely. Targeted research, development and demonstration activities are being conducted to promote the use of materials such as end of life tyres, crushed recycled concrete and plastics as direct substitutes for virgin materials or where there are potentially new uses and benefits associated with using them for road construction and maintenance. Another key element of the Innovation Hub is to develop new waste diversion from landfills and recovery suppliers in the transport sector.

Students are expected to be on site in Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area for part or all of their placement. Engagement when not on site will be mostly virtual but may also involve face-to-face meetings based in Perth or Bunbury. For further information, please contact the iPREP team. 


  • Geotechnical and pavement engineering

  • Knowledge in flexible road pavements

  • Knowledge in recycled materials (particularly use of tyres and crushed recycled concrete)

  • Environmental science/waste recovery and management

  • Economics (particularly in the area of waste materials)

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Emerald Clinics 

Emerald Clinics Ltd is an Australian publicly listed healthcare technology company, which operates clinics and facilitates access to new and emerging treatments generating clinical evidence on the safety and effectiveness of these new treatments.  Emerald has developed a real-world data model incorporating our network of clinical services to translate real-world patient experiences into clinical evidence and accelerate access to new treatments in a safe, robust and ethical way.  Our current programs include development of digital health technologies to improve patient monitoring and evaluation of new treatments for chronic diseases.  Our R&D collaborations include private companies and universities in Australia and US on our data systems, integration and data analytics. Our customers include product manufacturers, insurers, government and employers.

This company requests a combination of virtual and face-to-face engagement


  • Biostatistics background (experience working with data registries, clinical trials, adaptive trial design, mathematical modelling is desirable)   

  • Software engineering (background in integration of software systems, data extraction and migration, developing customised data reports and data analytics experience desirable)

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Students recruited by this company will receive extra training by Perth Biodesign