This year, a new exciting opportunity has been created for PhD students and industry healthcare organisations. iPREP Biodesign is a newly established program facilitated by Perth Biodesign in collaboration with iPREP WA (Industry and PhD Research Engagement Program).


The 7 week program offers late-stage PhD candidates the opportunity to work on problems faced by industry in the healthcare sector. 

The program provides mentoring which leverages the Biodesign methodology developed by Stanford University, and focuses on developing innovation and improving processes in the healthcare sector.  The program is designed to fill gaps identified in healthcare areas and commercialisation training within the Perth ecosystem.

How does iPREP Biodesign benefit industry in the healthcare sector?

Health-related organisations benefit from value-for-money consultancy, innovative solutions to business problems, increased engagement with all five universities optimising knowledge translation, and the potential to recruit outstanding PhD graduates.  

The next round will be 'virtual' and facilitated online via collaborative technology. Engaging with this technology could help upskill your organisation in digital information delivery, establish an effective remote work environment, as well as develop innovative processes or products.   


Next virtual round starts 29 June to 14 August 2020. Industry Expressions of Interest are now open. 

How does iPREP WA Biodesign benefit late-stage PhD candidates?

Participation in the program provides PhD candidates with excellent networks and contacts in industry plus skills in project management, team work, design thinking and leadership as well as the opportunity to solve real problems in healthcare.

Student applications for the next iPREP WA Biodesign round are now open for the next 7 week  'virtual' placement commencing 29th June 2020.


iPREP Biodesign is supported by the X-TEND WA program
which is part of the State Government's $16.7 million New Industries Fund