MK Mentoring


Michael Kuzich of MK Mentoring supports businesses, coaches’ start-ups via CERI (Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Industry), and mentors engineering students progressing from university to industry.

Michael Kuzich, engaged over 35 years in senior corporate roles, had responsibilities for managing major resources projects. He also established and grew a successful environmental company. Michael has, whilst in his current role of mentoring businesses, observed the underutilisation of productive farming land in the south west and sees enormous potential for south-west farmers.

Project Overview: Farm Operations and Land Utilisation Enhancement Methodology for WA Farmers

Farmers in the south west need a process/methodology that allows them to rapidly determine how to improve resilience, sustainability and returns from their agricultural operations. Ways to better utilise their land, farm assets, and increase diversity to address market, economic and environmental disruption are important considerations.

The challenge is to develop a product that allows farmers to compare the relative benefits of the many available options on how to advance and build robustness into their operations.

The iPREP Biodesign Student team will work to: 

  • Capture existing and novel farming opportunities to improve agricultural resilience and return from assets

  • Identify key characteristics for each opportunity, including climatic, agricultural practices, essential resources, economics and scale, market considerations, environmental effects, and sustainability

  • Develop a methodology to evaluate each opportunity against drivers for typical farms in the south west of WA thus allowing individual farmers to understand and realise the potential opportunities and risks for their specific situation

Student Team Overview 


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