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About OneAtom 12 Limited

OneAtom 12 Limited was formed with the purpose to commercialise a series of membrane technologies in the growing global water treatment space. Our first membrane aims to be a world leading acid separation membrane aimed at the Global Industrial Treatment market.

Our innovation does not end there, as our partnership with the Commonwealth Government Australian Research Council programme and Monash University is developing the next range of smart membrane technology using small amounts of graphene oxide to improve performance and begin to add selectivity to the membrane.

As the Company has been operating since 2015 and spent $5.0m on R&D expected to commence production in 2021

Project Overview: OneAtom 12 R&D Project 

Research on: 

  • Nanomembrane uses and applications

  • Identify potential clients

  • Volumes of product that can be potentially used

  • Research on renewable energy membrane application

Desired Disciplines and Skill Sets

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Electrolysis, Energy, Materials Engineering

  • Nanotechnology


Project Facilitation Preference

  • Face-to-face, on-site engagement


N.B. This company will be participating in Round 3 2021

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