• Narelle Jones

Child and adolescent health service welcomes iPREP for innovation

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

CAHS would like to welcome Alina Naveed, Sofie Lindeberg and Tram Dang who have joined us for the next seven weeks to consult with staff and provide recommendations on what innovation looks like at CAHS. CAHS is seeking to establish an innovation hub to support and enable innovation across the health service. CAHS intends to foster a culture of open collaboration and integration within the service building on the existing culture of safety and quality. The project will include exploring opportunities share an innovation hub with other Government child service providers.

Alina and Sofie have joined us as part of the WA iPREP program which matches PhD students with industry partners for short term projects. Alina and Sofie are going to consult widely and then make recommendations on strategies that CAHS should adopt to promote and support innovation across our health service. This project will provide CAHS with a roadmap for the development of an innovation hub and building a culture of innovation across the service.

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