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Great outcomes from Cinglevue's iPREP WA engagement - Round 1 2020

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Cinglevue values its partnership with iPREP WA, which provides PhD candidates with the opportunity to work on real problems and challenges situated within industry contexts. In the first iPREP round of 2020, Nadia Chubko, Qin Chen, and Mengyuan Li developed a model for representing and measuring student engagement during learning as part of a project entitled “Developing an integrated framework for evaluating student engagement in digital learning contexts”. The outcomes of this project will be incorporated into the ongoing evolution and enhancement of Cinglevue’s virtuoso platform such that teaching and learning can be better targeted in response to levels of student engagement across a range of contexts. Cinglevue appreciates the work of the iPREP team and was privileged to have them work with us at our office in Joondalup over the seven weeks project placement.

Dr. Michael Garrett (Industry supervisor)

“The iPREP team performed very well and were able to successfully engage with a problem that required a broad approach encompassing many factors and considerations. It was great to have Nadia, Qin, and Mengyuan working with us directly at our office as part of the team such that they were able to engage with our R&D and Product teams to explore potential ideas and different approaches. Their contributions have been invaluable and will be utilised to inform the development of new product features for our Virtuoso platform to support the enhancement of educational outcomes in schools.”

Nadia Chubko

“Collaboration with Cinglevue was a great experience for me. First of all, I could see that my skills could have practical value outside academia. I really liked the culture of the company, as everybody was so passionate about their specific area, but also eager to learn from others. It was awesome to have a personal meeting with everybody and learn exactly who was doing what and why. That is a very unique opportunity. I also enjoyed the experience of working in a team because it’s always better to approach a situation from multiple perspectives, additionally, it was good that we had a team of three as it the situations of disagreement we can adhere to the voice of the majority. And, of course, the blank canvas approach is the best strategy for this kind of a project as the curiosity was driving me forward and allowed to prevent bias and adjustment of the ideas. Additionally, it resonated with my personal passion for inquiry approach.”

Qin Chen

“The opportunity to participate in Cinglevue iPREP project was greatly appreciated and the experience was absolutely invaluable. During the 7 weeks’ placement, I was glad that I could translate my skills and knowledge that I had developed during my PhD study and my 11 years’ university teaching and research experience into an industry context. Due to the to COVID-19 global pandemic, we had the last two weeks working from home, but I should admit that I really enjoyed working with the other two iPREP team members. Working with them enabled me to further recognize that the strengths of individuals are only effective when combined into something greater.

I was also grateful for the opportunities of regular meetings with the other Cinglevue team members and our mentor – Michael Garrett, joining their Webinar, listening to their great research presentation, communicating with them and listening to their valuable ideas. I was very impressed by what they have developed within their education platform, which integrates Cinglevue members’ brilliant ideas, evidence-based insights, and immersive technology. All these benefited me a lot and helped me further understand how digital platform can engage students and facilitate learning. After 7 weeks’ working at Cinglevue, I found my great interest in working as a Research Analyst to contribute my knowledge and experience in education to the technology-oriented educational innovation.”

Mengyuan Li

“It’s my honour to get involved in the iPREP project at this phase of my third year in PhD. The iPREP project connects me with Cinglevue. This project enlightens me of how I can get into the industry with my ability in research. I am happy to hear that my effort would be helpful to Cinglevue’s development of its online learning environment. I have also found some theories related to my research in engagement and flow in video games. The project gave me inspiration in developing theories with a clearer definition of levels of immersing into an activity. I really appreciate this project and will continue my research in this area.”

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