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About Singular Health

Singular Health is developing and commercializing tools to improve health outcomes, medical planning processes and quality of life through medical imaging visualisation and analysis. In contrast to traditional medical image viewing formats (e.g. CT (Computerized Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans) that are usually visualised on a 2D screen, our proprietary software presents bioimages in fully interactive immersive models within our virtual reality platform. The company is customizing tools for surgical planning in clinical practice (MedVR), education opportunities (Virtual Anatomy) and for other general applications (3Dicom Viewer).

Project Overview: Virtual Anatomy - an immersive approach to teaching human biology


Initially developed for surgical planning, Singular Health’s MedVR system has been adapted for teaching and learning applications. This learning platform known as “Virtual Anatomy” (VA) provides content for teaching human biology at secondary and tertiary levels. Unlike other course delivery systems, VA is unique in that it provides an immersive experience through the availability to visualise organ systems using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. In contrast to stylized drawings, these 3D organ systems are derived from individual patient scans (CT or MRI) and hence reflect accurate anatomical features. When combined with existing resources, VA provides an opportunity to deliver content that enhances the learning experience. The iPREP Biodesign team will assist the firm develop strategies that best integrate 3D visualisation tools into the Year 11 and 12 ATAR syllabus.

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