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Why participate in iPREP WA? 

Recent results in the Australian Graduate Survey found that more PhD graduates were working in industry (43%) than in higher education (41%) and just under two-thirds reported they were working full time.


Participating in iPREP WA will provide you with an insight into industry, you'll develop new networks and contacts, gain new skills in project management, team work, interdisciplinary problem solving, business awareness and leadership. Most importantly you will discover that your research skills and expertise can positively impact the industries in Western Australia. 

Who is eligible?

You must be enrolled as a PhD candidate at a university in Western Australia and either:

 - have submitted your thesis for examination prior to the program commencement but not have your degree conferred before the end date of the round OR

- be a domestic-enrolled PhD candidate at pre-submission stage with Confirmation of Candidature and must have consumed at least 2 EFTSL (Equivalent Full-Time Student Load) or 2 years (see Domestic Applicants)

Note: UWA Domestic pre-submission students in their last 6 months of candidature are ineligible to apply. Please contact the UWA Graduate Research School for more information.

All applicants who are selected, must attend a:

One-day induction session and give a one-minute pitch to industry partners

Successful applicants following the first stage induction must also attend a final stage one-day induction prior to the program commencement

Must be available to complete project on a full time basis during the scheduled 7-week program 

The upcoming 2020 iPREP round will be run online, in-person or a combination of both, depending on industry project needs and the COVID-19 situation in Western Australia

Participants who work from home or remotely will be required to have access to wifi and a suitable laptop, and use collaborative software


IT support and training will be provided


Applications Closed


Next round dates:

28 Sept - 13 Nov 2020

(Combination of in-person and virtual)

Register your interest now for future rounds

The application process

Current projects will be listed on the iPREP WA website when student applications open

Students apply via an online application form and have 3 weeks to apply.

When applications close universities will conduct student eligibility and reference checks

Applicants will be shortlisted approx. one month prior to start of round.

​Applicants to attend a compulsory one-day induction and an additional one-day induction if successful in getting through to the final stage.  On the final day of the first stage induction, all participants give a 1 minute pitch to industry partners

Applicants notified outcome of application 2-3 weeks prior to start of round. iPREP WA will work together with each Industry Partner to select their team

Successful applicants to attend a one day induction program focused on project management

Placement runs for seven weeks 

Students attend four weekly seminars to build employability skills

Benefits of participating
  • Improved employability

  • Increased confidence

  • Greater business awareness

  • New skills

  • Leadership development

  • Building a larger network

  • Greater interdisciplinary understanding

CERI Scholarship (valued at $2000)

The Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation which exists to inspire and encourage the creation of new opportunities in WA now and in the future. CERI is an independent not-for-profit that works in close collaboration with all our universities and research institutes including iPREP WA. 


CERI’s goal is to help you see your research become something more than an entry in a journal. They will encourage and support the creation of an Entrepreneurial Mindset in CERIans. This doesn’t just mean equipping you to establish a Startup company, but giving you the power to choose a different direction for yourself and your research. You will be able to apply the skills you gain at CERI throughout your career, whatever path you take.

All iPREP WA participants will be encouraged and funded by iPREP WA to attend the CERI Entrepreneurial Mindset BootCamp. See the CERI website for dates: https://www.ceri.org.au/

Bootcamp Learning Objectives

Develop critical thinking skills that will enable you to identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities, manage risks and learn from the results

Understand the process that enables entrepreneurs with limited resources to transform a simple idea into a sustainable success

Understand and apply fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines and as a means of personal empowerment



"I am forever grateful that I participated in the iPREP WA program. The program taught me that the skills learnt during my PhD, can be applied in any industry and to any field, even if that field is outside your PhD’s specific area of study. Moreover, the iPREP program has showed me that there are more career opportunities outside the common but incredibly competitive academic track and that I should actively seek out these opportunities."




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