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About VeinTech

VeinTech is a Perth-based medtech start-up that is aiming to solve the problem of first pass cannulation failure. Cannulation is the most common invasive medical procedure, and involves placing a small plastic tube (guided by a needle) into a vein to deliver fluids and medication. Veins are often hard to see and to the guiding needle often misses, leading to multiple attempts being required and poorer, slower care being provided to the patient. The solution we are developing (currently at proof of concept stage) is the VeinWave, an ultraportable device that can be used with minimal training to find and accurately target veins.

VeinTech is a three-person team at present, combining medical (Katherine Arenson) engineering (Nikhilesh Bappoo) and research (Nick Buckley) expertise. Our prospective customers include not only public and private hospitals but also blood collection centres, chemotherapy, defence and veterinary applications. We are presently in an exciting phase of technical development, and simultaneously are building out our plan to market and business development portfolio.

Project Overview: Prototyping and Business Design

The first area of student activity will be around assisting with prototyping of our device, in collaboration with our design partners at Probelogic. Suited to an engineering skill set, this will could include designing and fabrication of enclosures, research and testing of various technical specifications (power demands, battery life, etc.), as well as close collaboration with the engineers at Probelogic, and assisting them with modelling how the veins are imaged, working on how the raw data is filtered and processed. This would also suit a person with experience with UX/UI design skills, as we would greatly benefit from work on how the vein will be displayed to the end user, and how the unit will be operated. 

The second area of student activity would be in researching and validating the business model and plans for how VeinTech can optimally progress and scale. We currently have a considerable body of information and research, but assistance from a suitable skilled student to research path to market, company valuation, potential acquirers etc. would be hugely beneficial to  guiding our next 12-18 months of activity.

Desired Disciplines and Skill Sets

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Electronic Engineering 

  • Acoustic Engineering 

  • Medical Imaging

  • Software Development (UI/UX)

  • Market Research

  • Financial Modelling


Project Facilitation Preference

  • Mixture of online and face-to-face engagement


Image by Ant Rozetsky